Harvard Business Review Analytic Services – Asia: The Face of Innovation

To find out how Asia is helping drive innovation in the business world, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services interviewed senior executives at 12 leading companies with extensive operations throughout the region. Informed by their experience, this white paper examines Asia’s role in business innovation through a variety of lenses, including:
  • What innovation means at leading companies today.
  • The key components companies need to create leading-edge innovation platforms that can help them take advantage of all that Asia has to offer, including not only fast economic growth but also a burgeoning, tech-savvy middle class and a fast-expanding knowledge base.
  • The many Asian companies that have created environments that support these innovation platforms, which in turn has led to the development of industry-specific ecosystems in which vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers cluster in distinct, innovation-rich locations.
  • Real-world successes at companies that are already taking advantage of Asia’s innovation ecosystems to stay a step ahead of the competition. Their stories suggest a path forward for others that wish to unlock Asia’s benefits and embed innovation more deeply in their own organizations.